Featured Indian Trail artists, Lincoln Wallbank says, “I was thinking the other day about the things I have done in my life. It occurred to me that, aside from eating, sleeping and perhaps watching television, the activities in which I have participated from the earliest age are drawing and painting. My mother always encouraged my sister and I to create our own images, an activity I grew to love. Yet both my parents encouraged us to pursue, shall I say more stable vocations. Consequently, I am a carpenter by trade.”

Most of Wallbank&rquot;s art education was from standard K-12 art class in addition to a smattering of classes in college and beyond. Within the last five years, he decided to invest greater energies and resources into this avocation.

“There is so much in this world which amazes me and art, both others’ and my own, seems to help me engage with and celebrate the wonder I encounter daily. The collection of images before you are from recent trips to the desert southwest. I hope you enjoy them.”

Original artwork and reproductions are offered for purchase. Please direct inquiries to 509-993-8794