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Services: Outreach Services

Bringing the Library to You

Services to the Homebound

Special Multimedia Collection

Special Services

Contacting Outreach Services

Preschool and Daycare Outreach

Extending Service to Those Unable to Visit the Library

Each year, Spokane Public Library provides Outreach Services to thousands of people who could not otherwise visit the library. Highly trained, motivated staff make monthly visits to facilities throughout Spokane, as well as provide services to homebound individuals. To many, this vital link to library services means greater enrichment and a better quality of life. Spokane Public Library is pleased to offer these services to anyone who qualifies.  For more information, contact the Outreach Services coordinators at 444-5332.

Outreach Brings the Library to You!

Outreach coordinators visit over 50 retirement and convalescent centers each month, bringing print and audio-visual materials, reference and reader's advisory services, and other requested materials to thousands of residents. Outreach customers can choose from a wide variety of titles in large print format, a rotating collection of new and high demand books,and a large collection of paperbacks books, videos, books on tape/CD, and music CDs selected especially for them.


Services to the Homebound

Individuals who are confined to their homes for 90 days or more are eligible for library service by mail. Homebound customers need only pay the cost of return mail -at the library rate! Visually impaired customers receive free mailing.


Special Multimedia Collection

Outreach Services houses a collection of multimedia materials for elderly and disabled individuals and for people who work with disabled individuals. This collection includes Bi-Folkal or "Remembering Kits," which are prepackaged programs for use with groups. The kits contain:

  • Carousel slide programs with audio cassette tapes, videos
  • Skits
  • "Realia," songbooks, and games

Items are available in large print format - especially for use with the elderly.  Call Outreach Services (444-5332) for more information about any of the items in this collection.


Special Services

Outreach Services offers all of the services of a branch library including:

  • Reference
  • Reader's advisory
  • Account status
  • Check out
  • Telephone renewals
  • Materials requests

In addition, Outreach coordinators offer the following services:

  • Deposit collections for smaller facilities for browsing and enjoyment
  • Applications for talking book services for the blind and physically handicapped

Outreach Services: A Telephone Call Away 

For more information on Outreach Services, call 444-5332 or write to:

Outreach Services
Spokane Public Library
906 West Main Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201-0976
or email us at

We look forward to serving you!

Preschool and Daycare Outreach

Spokane Public Library's Youth Services staff offers outreach services to city preschools and daycare centers. For more information on this service, call 444-5331.


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