brady-rogers-zgrb8tmt6zq-unsplash Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor pursuits for those living in Spokane. There are many opportunities available to share the fun on the water with family and friends. The popular Lowland Lake Opener, which are lakes east of the Cascades under 3,500 feet elevationstarts April 24. There are dozens of fishing lakes in the Spokane region, particularly for rainbow trout. Washington State fishing regulations, stocking reports, fishing events, and instructional videos may be found at Fishing & Shellfishing | Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeHave a great time catching your limit!  

Library Resources:  

Liar’s Handbook: fishing guide [for] Washington lakes, rivers, streams, salt water 


Washington’s Top Fishing Maps 


Fishing Guide to the Northwest 


The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide 


Fisherman’s Bible: the world’s most comprehensive angling reference 


Sports Afield Trout Fisher’s Almanac: expert advice from America’s greatest anglers 


Introduction to Fly Fishing [videorecording (DVD)] 


A Fly Rod of Your Own 


Smallmouth Bass Fishing for Everyone : how to catch the hardest fighting fish that swims 


All Fishermen Are Liars 


Ice Fishing: the ultimate guide 


Fly Fishing for Trout with Harry Murray: the secrets to catching cutthroats, rainbows, brookies, and browns 



Magazine Resources  

Explore our collection of eMagazines and on OverDrive. Here you can read titles such as Fishing World, Fly Fisherman, Trout Fisher, In-FishermanTrout & Salmonand others!  

Stream videos on Kanopy  

Go to Kanopy and watch the series Outdoor Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Safe. 24 insightful videos that will give you the practical skills you need to set off for the water or the woods. Topics such as canoeing and kayaking skills, backpacking, navigation, and first aid are covered. 


Examples of Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources 

Places to go fishing | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Including maps!  

Fish Washington – YouTube 

Basic Techniques for Trout Fishing in Washington – YouTube 

Opening Day Fishing in Washington Part 2: The Fishing Experience – YouTube 

#BassWeek 2020 – YouTube 

Crappie Fishing in Washington – YouTube 

Kids Fishing Events in Washington – YouTube 

And for later in the season:  

Ice Fishing for Trout in Washington – YouTube