For the past ten years, we have been digitizing our photo collection to create a comprehensive digital resource for images of Spokane and the Inland Northwest. These images are freely available for anyone to search or browse through our Digital Collections page. Since the Northwest Room has been closed, we have been going through photo files and adding any images we may have missed in the first project. We are now finished going through the Spokane photos, so all of the Spokane photos are available. We have also hit a milestone of 3000 images and have created a video showing you how to find pictures on your own.

Here are a couple of recent additions.


Mouth of the Little Spokane River at the Spokane House site. Frank Palmer photo, ca. 1915.



 “Looking across the city from the north bank of the river from a point about directly north from the Carnegie Library. Jake Hill is seated on a tree stump in the foreground of the view, ca. 1910.”