art-breakHey all, it’s Eva with another “Art Break.” We are collaborating with Spark Central to present a program called “Stay Home and Correspond.”

I’ve always written letters and postcards, and while working from home I’m taking more time for this than ever before. Social distancing inspired me to send my friends more letters. The best part is that people write back!

Check out the video I made to learn techniques and tips and tricks.

Who to write to:
The list is endless! You can even write to someone in your own home. Here are some ideas:

  • Friends & relativesscreenshot2
  • People you admire – look up how to write to someone you admire on the internet and send them a letter (if you need help you can ask the library)
  • A business you like – send a letter to a place you miss going to. For example, write to an ice cream shop or café you like (or the library or Spark Central).
  • A pen-pal – if you would like a pen-pal, please contact Spark Central by email or leave a voicemail including your name and address at 509-279-0299.

What should you write about?
Anything! The person who gets your letter or postcard will be thrilled to get mail regardless. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell them what you see out your window
  • What you did over the weekend
  • What you miss doing and who you miss seeing during quarantine
  • What you’re looking forward to
  • Ask them questions, e.g. what’s the best meal you’ve eaten lately? And other questions.

Remember, you can add extra touches to your letter with different color pens or pencils, drawings and collage, or stickers and washi tape.

Enjoy and ciao for now! 😊