When she was a young girl living in Spokane, Lisa had the unique opportunity to join a 4H Club.  She was one of the first “city” kids to participate. Her main project was raising rabbits, but she fell in love with many hand crafted mediums.

When Lisa was thirteen, she decided to make her first quilt. She worked hard sewing the patches together and completing the quilt. Her family was so excited to buy the backing fabric, they picked up something that looked like schoolbooks, chalk and fall leaves. In reality, it was cigarettes, cartons and tobacco leaves. Thankfully, it did not get disqualified.

After college, Lisa decided to take up quilting again and donate her quilts to charity. The Wishing Star Foundation and Ronald McDonald House were her main focus at the time. She joined the Washington State Quilters-Spokane Chapter in 2011. It is a craft she loves and enjoys.

Some of the quilts are for sale. Please contact Lisa if interested.