All of Janney’s paintings and collages are mixed media because they contain both paper and acrylic paints and mediums. She designs all the papers used in her collages. Some are hand drawn and some are using mono printing techniques.

“I have printed some of my drawings because the ink in the prints is more archival than the originals and I don’t sell the originals. They are all limited additions.”

Janney also teaches classes in mixed media, mono printing papers and using these techniques to create mixed media paintings and collages. Connie Janney has been an artist all of her life,
working in many different mediums including jewelry design and wax carving, gold and silver smithing, sculpture in plaster, paper mache, and bronze, oil painting, acrylic painting and mixed

“My current work is an evolution of all that I have done before with my current inspiration of the universe and our natural world. I don’t try to imitate nature. I prefer to let my experiences of nature to work through the creative spirit that runs through me when I get out of the way and let it manifest.”