Spokane Public Library is a department of the City of Spokane. Each year, the City allocates a portion of the general fund to the Library Board of Trustees, a group of five citizen volunteers who oversee the administration of the Library. The Board has charged responsibility for library administration to the Library Director.


Board of Trustees Meetings

Board of Trustees meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

Meetings are generally scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, but are subject to change.

Meeting agendas are generally available a couple of days prior to the meeting and will be posted. Copies of the agenda will also be available at the meeting.

October 19 Meeting Agenda

Meeting minutes are available here. Please note that minutes are not approved until the following board meeting and are not posted until approved. For minutes prior to 2013, contact the Library’s business office at 444-5416.

Scheduled Board Meetings





Executive Director


Andrew Chanse (director@spokanelibrary.org)





Board of Trustees

You may write to the trustees c/o the Library at:

Spokane Public Library
906 West Main Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201-0976

Or you may email them at trustee@spokanelibrary.org

Mary Starkey, Chair

MaryStarkey_2016Mary Starkey says she must’ve been born a bookworm. As a child, her family moved a lot and the local library was always a comforting place that felt familiar when a new city was not yet home. Later, when her sons were young, the Shadle Library was their go-to place to check out books or read together. “Libraries,” she states, “are an entry point for all citizens to get where they want to be, whether it’s professionally, personally or culturally. We need to keep libraries healthy if we want Spokane to be a vibrant community.” Mary is the executive vice president/COO of Global Credit Union. Outside of her work, Mary devotes a lot of energy to Spokane’s theater scene and non-profits in Spokane.
Appointed: 5/12/14
First Term expires: 3/31/24

Lara Hemingway, Vice Chair

LaraHemingway_2016For as long as she can remember, Lara Hemingway has been thankful for the resources and information libraries have to offer. From story time at the Library and at home to audiobooks to the variety of online materials and subscriptions, her family utilizes Spokane Library services on a regular basis. She is excited to participate in planning and promoting the Library’s continued development as a 21st Century community resource. Lara is also a business and transactional attorney at Foster Pepper.
Appointed: 3/7/16
Second Term expires: 3/31/25

Jim Kershner

JimKershner_2016Mr. Kershner is an author, historian and longtime columnist for The Spokesman-Review (retired). He continues to work as a freelance writer, journalist and staff historian for HistoryLink.org, The Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History. He has used the Spokane Public Library for research into many of his works, including his most recent book, “Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life.” Jim is a self-described “library nerd” who believes that a great library is essential for anyone with a curious mind.
Appointed: 1/1/12
Second Term expires: 3/31/21

Nathan G. Smith

NathanSmith_2016Ever since being read to in elementary school, Mr. Smith has believed in libraries as a place to learn and collaborate. In addition to being a Library trustee, Nathan has served on the Spokane Public Library Foundation board since 2010. When not serving the Library system in one form or another, Nathan is an attorney at Witherspoon Kelley.
Appointed: 4/29/13
Second Term expires: 3/31/23
(Served also in an unexpired term vacated by Ned Barnes from 7/18/11 to 3/31/13)

Casey Linane-Booey IV

Linane-BooeyCasey was born and raised in Spokane and is proud to serve on the Board of Trustees. He grew up using the Shadle Park branch and both of his parents instilled in him a love of reading from a young age. After graduating from Shadle Park High School, Casey attended the University of Montana where he worked in the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library as an assistant, shelving media and checking out books to students. He returned to Spokane and graduated from Gonzaga Law in 2015. As a member of the Board of Trustees Casey is excited to see services at each branch continue to evolve with their respective communities. He is excited to give back to an institution that helped shape him into the citizen he is today.
Appointed: 4/1/17
First Term expires: 3/31/22